How many of us are living our life in a true sense? How many dare to?

We fear to dream Big and hence we generate excuses, many excuses ... sometimes faster than the growing population of the world!

Meet Satyarup Siddhanta !

He dreams an impossible dream .. he tries to reach the unreachable star just out of his sheer determination and grit!

Yes, Satya is fighting hard to realize his dream! Dream Of scaling Mt Everest!

Satya was once upon a time, an asthmatic kid and couldnt even run a 100m without taking a puff from his inhaler!

Wasnt it a big enough excuse why not to climb?

But a born fighter Satya thought otherwise ... not only did he fought asthma but dared to dream BIG! Satya dreams of climbing the highest Mountains of each continent ...known as "The 7 summits"!

This is not just a fancy coffee table dream...he has already given shape to his dream by climbing 4 mountains out of the 7 summits list almost single handedly taking personal loans, without pay leaves , compromising on career growth, no sponsors, no government support! Everest will be his 5th mountain out of the 7 summits list!

BMC request all its members to come forward and support "one among us" to fulfill his dream!

Satya's Social Media Links:
Facebook: mountaineersatyarup (official)
satyarup.siddhanta (personal)
Twitter: SatyarupS
Email:[email protected]

Satya's Media Coverage:

Times of india kolkata on mont blanc summit

Times of India, Bangalore on Denali Summit

Hindustan Times: On 7 summits

Telegraph : On Mont Blanc and overall

Indian Express on Everest

Deccan Herald on Mt Aconcagua

Interview by Eltrivate

TV Coverage of Mt Denali by TV9 channel

TV Coverage of Mt Aconcagya by TV9 channel

Satya's Major Climbs:
  • Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m,19341ft) - Highest of Africa in Tanzania
  • Mt Elbrus (5642m,18510ft) - Highest of Europe in Russia
  • Mt Aconcagua (6962m,22841ft) - Highest of South America in Argentina
  • Mt Denali/McKinley (6194m,20322ft) - Highest of North America in Alaska
  • Mt Mont Blanc (4810m,15780ft) - Highest of Alps and Western Europe in France

         To know more about him and his climbs: click here!

Satya is a certified Mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. Recently he made the Country proud – his climb became the Fastest unguided ascent by any Indian in climbing Mt Denali, the highest Mountain in North America!

Satya is still short of funds, and Bangalore Mountaineering Club is trying to raise the same for Satya ... a small effort to salute his endeavour. We request all of you to contribute whatever amount you can... no contribution is small, every Penny is a step towards the final goal. and also please do share the link with your friends. Be a part of his dream... make it your climb too! We get inspired by his passion! It is infectious! We want to live our dreams through him!

We are happy that Satya did his first trek in Karnataka with Bangalore Mountaineering Club and eventually he started leading treks from BMC. He fell in love with Mt Everest in 2010 when he went for Everest Base camp trek organized by BMC. Satya is a certified Mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute , and also has a P1 level certification in paragliging, and a certified horse rider.

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