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Sun, 5 Mar 2006


Thanks to all the participants:


Ramesh, Soumya, Amol, *******, ****, Priya, Apun, Vasu, Didi, Balaji, Karthik.


A team of 14 members was the participant of the first trek of the series.


Thanks to all the participants for their time and effort. It was definitely a great start.


We reached the place by 9. We had an informal meeting with the forest department officials about the Trek To Clean program. It was both encouraging and surprising to know that they were also interested in this activity and wanted the support of NGOs & people like us to help them make Mutthatthi a Litter Free Zone.


We picked a couple of spots alongside the river. It was primarily plastic and bottles in that place (Mc Dowells seems to be a famous brand there  J ). Everybody started with their gloves and garbage bag each. It hardly took anytime before everything was cleared off. All it took was a collective effort and a little time of everyone.


The monkeys there do not seem to like the cleaning business. They were always there to tear off the garbage bags. Now we understand where the littering we do comes from.


A few of the locals there came to us to talk about it. They are actually environment conscious volunteers who were already trying to spread the word. They showed us the pamphlets they distribute in spreading the awareness. We are looking forward to working with them to make the cleaning a regular event, Yes, with all your contribution, in spreading the awareness.


Talking to the local people, the boat contractors of that area and the local trekking guides and surveying the place gave us an insight into many issues prevailing in the area.


1. There are four tourist spots alongside the river in need of immense cleaning.


2. There are no dustbins anywhere in the vicinity. Even if someone does not want to litter, there is no way one could put away the garbage.  We could put some dustbins, three at least in each spot, for visitors to use and we could work with the localities in disposing the same. We could assist in re-cycling the waste. (I am sure McDowells would buy them back  J ).


3. There are seven Danger water spots. There are no alerts or warning signboards anywhere close to these spots. Unfortunate Accidents in this zone are very frequent.


Beyond this, there is also the common problem of poverty and illiteracy affecting the area. We need to spread awareness among the villagers too.


There are no high schools in the village. The students after passing standard 7th are supposed to go to other bigger villages that have high schools. Going ahead, we could work towards this cause. This would need immense support of all the members.


In the end, it was about two dozens of garbage bags on the back and a few cleaner spots in Mutthatthi and a heartfelt satisfaction of having accomplished something. Surprisingly, it needed some “going around” in the streets of Bangalore to dispose the garbage we collected. We were close to a Police Complaint when trying to dump it at a place, which we thought as a Dumping Yard. Wonder where all the garbage goes.


Thanks to all the monetary and “In Person” contributions of the members. We are definitely looking forward to more of it. We welcome ideas, suggestions and active participation from all members in-order to make THE DIFFERENCE.



“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"




Thanks & Regards,

[email protected]

Subject: Fund collection for “Trek To Clean Program” 
Hi all,
BMC has till date organized many treks and adventure activities. Most of us have been a part of one activity or
 the other, from time to time. May it be Gokarna Moonlight trek or Water Sports at Honnemaradu, a 50 Member trek 
to Bandipur to the latest "Adventures at Munnar" trek; we have had some of the best times of our life with BMC; 
made good friends and are a part of a wonderful circle of people. 
BMC has also been involved in charitable activities. We are thankful to all those people who came forward to help 
the Orphanage with Food, Money, clothes and other essential Items.
It is now time to organize something that will also benefit the society, something to give back to the nature that 
gives us so much pleasure each time we walk into her arms. 
BMC is planning to organize series of “Trek to Clean” Programs under which we are going to cover – Bheemeshwari 
Muttethi), Kodai, Munnar and other trekking location.
We are inviting volunteers for this venture – we are looking for 2 kinds of volunteer for above programs:
1. Volunteers who will support this program by contributing the funds, but can not attend program in person -
Fund would be utilized in buying material like: Garbage bags, Dust bins, Broomsticks, Gloves, Awareness boards etc.
2. Volunteers who want to attend any of the Trek (to Clean) – 
Minimal amount towards T2C fund + actual expenditure of Transport, Food, Camping has to pay by participant volunteers.
People who want to contribute funds for this program can transfer the funds to given account numbers and fill in the "Trek to clean Fund Contribution Form" below.
Thanks for your support!
Neeraj Malve
Email: [email protected]
Account nos. for money transfer:

Amit Patil



Citi Bank    : 5503987807

Neeraj Malve

KR Puram/Infantry Road

ICICI Bank :004701521770
HDFC Bank: 5231610000558

Vikram Hoshing


Citi Bank    : 5310359809

Mattikere/ Divyashree Chambers, Langford Road

Citi Bank    : 5279940808



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