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Dear All,
This is our first explorative trek to this area. Please be prepared for all unexpected twists and turns in this event.
Important: All tentative participants note this trek is only for seasoned trekkers.
Parambikulam, an unconventional extension of the Western Ghats, brings the forest closer to settled land than usual. On the northern shoulder of the ghats, where it opens to make way for Palghat Pass, sits this wildlife sanctuary, offering splendid views of the sprawling rice fields of Pollachi. The forest is teeming with animals and a ride, by car, jeep or bus (two wheelers are not allowed), up and down to Parambikulam is certain to land you a prized sighting of langurs, bisons, a bear, elephants and, if you are lucky enough, a tiger. Not to mention the huge variety of birds and the different species of plants that serve as a treat for respective enthusiasts.
The highlights of the event are -
          1. Trekking to Vazhachal     -    20-25 KM
          2. Trekking to Nelliyampathy -    25-30 KM
          3. Tree top Hut Stay
          4. Watch Tower Stay
          5. Watch tower stay at Bangoli Peak (Bird Watching -
              especially Hornbill and over 100 more other birds)
          6. Island Stay + Boating + fishing + crocodile watch
          7. Bamboo Rafting
          8. Overnight Camps in the Wilderness
25-01-2007: Depart from Bangalore at 4.30 PM Sharp.
26-01-2007 to 28-01-2007: Trekking and other activities at Parambikulam
29-01-2007: Arrive in Bangalore by 9.30 AM
The cost of the trek has been approximately budgeted at Rs. 3100 per participant. Any amount leftover after covering all expenses (if significant) will be refunded to the participants. The count for this trek is fixed at 12. Registration will be on a first-come-first basis.
Expenditures covered by contribution:
                  1. Transport (to & from Bangalore).
                  2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days & 2 nights.
                  3. Forest entry/ guide charges.
                  4. Other miscellaneous charges.
To confirm registration please transfer the contribution amount to any of the below account numbers and submit the registration form @
Amit Patil
Citibank - 550 398 7807
HSBC - 072 029 416 006
Neeraj Malve K R Puram/Banaswadi
ICICI - 004 701 521 770
HDFC - 523 161 000 0558

Be sure to monitor this thread for further updates.
Safe trekking,
Amit C. Patil


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I am applying to join the Parambikulam, Kerala Trek. I recognise that climbing, mountaineering, trekking and jungle safaris are activities with danger of personal injury or death. In participating in these activities I am aware and accept these risks, and am responsible for my own actions and involvement. 

I have read the club constitution and agree to be bound by it and any subsequent amendments to it. If I have any medical condition or am taking any medication whilst on a club activity, I will ensure that a member of the immediate group is aware in case of an accident occurring. I have informed my next of kin of my involvement with this club, and of the precise contents of this participation statement.

I understand that in case of cancellation of my participation, I have to bear the cost of the expenditure made till the time of cancellation. Refund would be made in case other person is joining on that seat.


If you are facing any problem while submitting the form or if you have any question regarding this form please contact us @ [email protected].