Aquasports Camp at Karwar - [15 - 16th February 2014] - Registrations are On

Karwar is the district & the taluka head quarters of Uttara Kannada, (519 km north-west of Bangalore). Karwar, is a good place to enjoy the thrills of sun, sea and sand & thus becomes an ideal place to relax.

Karwar is a small town containing relatively undiscovered beaches and placed snugly on the coast. It's a calming sight anywhere, but in Karwar the sunrise is especially beautiful for the topography it unveils. On one side of the road is the dim outline of the narrow coast hugging the sea, while the dark shapes of the Western Ghats loom across the other. Miraculously straddling both mountain and sea, Karwar is a nondescript little town perched in between, seemingly oblivious to its own overwhelming beauty.
Since it is sandwiched between the sea on one side and Western Ghats on the other, Karwar is rich in flora and fauna. The monsoons last long and it rains heavily, the climate and sea beaches are similar to Goa, but is ignored in terms of tourism.

The most popular attractions of Karwar are its palm-fringed beaches. Koodi Bagh beach at the exact point where the Kali river flows into the sea, and the Kaju Bagh beach, brims with a cardinal atmosphere with the local gentry congregating every evening.

Kayaking: Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. Kayaking is generally differentiated from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. Almost all kayaks have closed decks, however, there are many sit-on-top kayaks, and these boats are growing in popularity

Canoeing: Canoeing is the activity of paddling a canoe for the purpose of recreation (also called a float trip), sport, or transportation. It usually refers exclusively to using a paddle to propel a canoe with only human muscle power. A kayak is propelled using a paddle with two blades where the paddler sits with their legs mostly extended in front of them, whereas canoes are propelled using single- or double-bladed paddles where the paddler - a "canoeist" or "canoer"- is kneeling or sitting on seat or thwart, with their knees bent and their legs more or less beneath them.

Coracle: Oval in shape and very similar to half a walnut shell, the structure is made of a framework of split and interwoven willow rods, tied with willow bark. The outer layer was originally an animal skin such as horse or bullock hide (corium), with a thin layer of tar to make it fully water proof - today replaced by tarred calico or canvas, or simply fibreglass. The structure has a keel-less, flat bottom to evenly spread the weight of the boat and its load across the structure and to reduce the required depth of water - often to only a few inches, making it ideal for use on rivers.

Banana Boat: A banana boat, often referred to simply as a banana, is an unpowered recreational boat designed to be pulled by a larger boat. Riders sit astride a large tube which is supported by two smaller tubes which provide balance and footrests, allowing them to experience some of the thrill of moving fast and close to the water much more easily and safely than by water-skiing or surfing and they are therefore a popular ride for children. Many large motor yachts or luxury yachts have a banana as one of their onboard "toys", but any powered boat can pull a banana, and they are sometimes available as a commercial ride at holiday resorts. Most models seat between three and ten people. Double models with two seating tubes side by side are available. Banana boats are often yellow and are sometimes actually moulded into the shape of a banana.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday         14th  February 2014
09:30 PM -  Pick-up from BMC, Shivaji Nagar
09:45 PM - 
Pick-up from New Shanthi Sagar hotel, Domlur
10:00 PM -
 Pick-up from Lifestyle, Magrath road
day:   15th February 2014
06:00AM     Reach Aquasports campsites
                Start aquasports activities.
12:00PM     Have Lunch/Relax
02:00PM     Get back to lodge & fresh up
08:00PM     Have dinner
16th February 2014
07:00AM    Get up, get ready have breakfast.
09:00AM    Start for the Beach Trek (Devbagh to Thirumathi Beach)
12:00PM    Start for Karwar, have lunch, Depart for Bangalore.
10:00PM    Reach Bangalore 

Participation Fees: Rs.4750.00

Above charges include: Non-A/C Transport, Basic Veg. Food (2 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner), Homestay/Dormitory/Budget hotel (sharing basis), Permission, First-aid kit, Guide/Coordinator/Instructor charges & miscellaneous charges
Above charges does not include: Anything not mentioned above

Suggested things to carry
    Please carry one strong back-pack
  2 litres water bottle
  Head wear like Caps, hats or bandanas
  Sunscreen lotion
  Toiletries (Comb, shampoo, tissue paper, soap, toothbrush, etc.)
  Small torch with new batteries
  Shoes for trekking
  Change of clothes enough for two days & water activities
-  Energy food such as Chocolates, Nutri-bars, juice packs etc.
-  Rain coat/Umbrella/Poncho (Highly suggested)

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