Things to Carry List:

Backpack (55 – 65 L) with sturdy straps and supporting frame. Quechua Forclaz 60 is a good choice.

Daypack (20-25 L) – optional. Useful for summit/pass day, handy if you want to offload your backpack on the trek.

Trekking shoes – Sports shoes are an absolute NO in trekking. You need Traction on Snow and Sport Shoes with PVC soles hardly justifies the choice. Ensure the shoes are well used before the trek. Forclaz 500 and Woodland are good choices.

3 pair of track pants (at least one should be synthetic quick-dry kind). Or 3 pair of cotton pants with lots of pockets. Track pants are light and we highly recommend them. Plus when things get really cold then layers of clothes matter.
3 cotton t-shirt with collar. Avoid bright colours like red and fluorescents. Stick to lighter tones. There are plenty of Birds and Animals one would come across while trekking and you won’t want them to get scared with your dressing sense.

One full Sleeve Sweater. A fleece jacket would be an alternative.

A full sleeve thick Jacket.

4 pairs of Undergarments.

1 pair of Thermal Inners.

4-5 pair of Sports Socks.

Woolen Monkey cap/Balaclava that cover the ear.

Light weight Rain Coat/Poncho (to escape a quick burst of rain).

Hand Gloves (water proof).

Sun glasses – Buy the one which will cover your eyes well. Choose from Black, Green, Brown. Blue coloured Sunglass cannot block UV rays.

Avoid multi toned ones too. Sunglasses prevent snow blindness, and are mandatory for treks.

Sun Cap and/or Head-Scarf.

Trekking Pole is mandatory.

Light towel (a quick drying kind).

Chap stick or Lip Balm.

Cold Cream and Sun Screen Lotion (SPF 40+).

2 Water bottles (1 L each). Do not carry packaged water bottles.

LED torch with extra set of cells/ Head Lamps (preferred).

Personal Toilet Kit (minimal) and Toilet Paper.

Small Repair Kit consisting of Safety Pins, Needle, Thread and String (mandatory).

Slippers/Sandals (for walking around campsite).

While there are adequate food provided on trek, some do feel very less energetic compared to others. So you can carry few energy bars,
dry fruits, etc

Camera, writing or recording material to log your experience.