Skydiving Tandem and Solo Camp at Mysore - [5th - 14th April 2013] - Registration is ON

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Where the gravity pulls you down full ahead at 10,000 ft, we are there to hold your hand and make you feel like a bird.

If as a child you ever dreamt of flying like a bird, here's your chance to do it. Skydiving is a have it all experience that defies words. It is for those who have discipline, focus and the nerve to conquer fear. It is the closest you can get to nirvana, as in the realm of clueless consciousness, yet alert.


Skydiving Tandem Jump

In Tandem jump participant is connected via a harness to the instructor. The instructor guides the participant through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The participant needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump.

Tandem jump is a very popular training method for first time skydivers, but it is more expensive than a static jump It exposes first-time jumpers to skydiving with minimal expectations from the participant. The training may consist of many of the activities performed by any participant, for example, how to exit the aircraft, how to do maneuvers in freefall, and how to deploy the main canopy themselves. However, the instructor remains primarily responsible for safe and timely parachute deployment.

Jump is carried out at 10,000 ft.

Few Hours of training is required for participant.

Skydiving Static Jump

In Static jump, participant jumps alone with the parachute, and the parachute is deployed immediately after leaving the plane, regardless of actions taken or not taken by the parachutist. However the parachutist must adopt and maintain a suitable body position throughout deployment to minimize the chances of a parachute malfunction.

One instructor is in the aircraft who assist in jumping from the aircraft, and other who is on ground helps in landing by giving instructions through radio contact.

Jump is carried out at 3,500 to 4,000 ft.

Participant undergoes 1.5 days of training


Static-line Jump on

Reporting On

Tandem Jumps on Reporting on

13th April 2013

12th April 2013 (09:00 AM) 5th April 2013


5th April 2013 (07:00AM)

14th April 2013

12th April 2013 (09:00 AM) 6th April 2013 5th April 2013 (07:00AM)




7th April 2013 7th April 2013 (07:00AM)




8th April 2013 8th April 2013 (07:00AM)




9th April 2013 9th April 2013 (07:00AM)




10th April 2013 10th April 2013 (07:00AM)




11th April 2013 11th April 2013 (07:00AM)











Brief Schedule:
Introduction to sky diving
- Ground training,
- Jump course qualifying exam,
- Jumps

Charges per participant:

SL. No.

 Type of jump


  Charges per person



Static jump course with one jump


Includes jump cost, training, log book, certificate, All taxes


Static jump course with two jumps


Includes jump cost, training, log book, certificate, All taxes


Static jump course with three jumps



Includes jump cost, training, log book, certificate, All taxes


Static jump course with five  jumps



Includes jump cost, training, log book, certificate, All taxes


Tandem jump


Includes jump cost, training, log book, certificate, All taxes, Video

We also provide Monthly Installment options from 3 to 18 months on Credit Card swipe, please check with us for more details.

Above charges does not include: Transport to and from Mysore Airport, Accommodation, Food (You can avail breakfast, lunch and refreshments at Rs 250 per day.)
                                                *Charges for video of static jump - 500 /- *Charges for video of tandem jump is included in the cost

Terms & Conditions:
--- We will refund 100% amount if camp is cancelled due to any reason but we will not be responsible for the cost incurred for your travel, accommodation and other expenses for the
      same trip.
--- There are chances that last moment instructor can call-off the jump of participant based on his confidence level or result of mock up, exam or weather conditions of the moment.
--- Weather condition, clearance of schedule from ATC, Pilot, readiness of aircraft for jump etc. are not in our hand. Any delay due to these should be borne by the participant on their
     own cost. Please be noted that management decision is final for anything related to jump.
ATC Schedule, weather conditions, load of total number of jumps can cause delay in your jump by 1 or even up to 2 days. So please be ready for that & please make prior
     arrangement of extended stay in Mysore.


Cancellation policy:
1. If you decide to cancel your seat, More than 5 days before jump - 15% of your payment will be retained by us.  
2. Less than 2 days before jump - there is no refund, you can transfer booking to somebody else, in that case there wont be any cancellation charges. On case basis we will see if we can change your date of jump.
3. In case of cancellation from our side due to weather or any other issues we will refund you 100% amount.

Payment options:
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Talk to us before you signup! Email at [email protected] or call on 9611102222

BMC Office Address :
No. 1651 , 10th Main, HAL 3rd Stage,
Jeevanbhima Nagar , Banglore-560075

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