Plantation a Mini-Forest for Bangalore - [5th June 2014] - Registration is ON   

Bangalore once boasted of a skyline of trees and was commonly known as the "Garden City of India". Its towering canopies a source of constant pride to Bangaloreans. But over the years, urbanization and a fast growth rate have taken their toll on the city and it is now common to see more and more buildings and structures poking out above the trees. Bangalore’s image has changed from a "garden city" to a high tech, "silicon city" image.

A ratio of at least one tree per person is considered necessary to maintain a healthy urban environment. Looking at the alarming situation around the globe and India's contribution to it, its time we should start to act. If you feel you want to help the environment, be with us and we will try to get the green back again.

Facts you should know:
- Approximately 300 trees can counter-balance the amount of pollution 1 person produces in life time.
- A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. So two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four.
- One tree removes about 1 ton of CO2 per year.
- One person causes about 10 tons of carbon dioxide to be emitted a year.Planting 10 trees per person will remove each person's carbon debt for the year.

Bangalore Mountaineering Club is partnering with SayTrees to take action to tackle this environmental crisis. On 5th of June 2014, which is World Environment day, we are going to organize a Mass Tree plantation drive in Bangalore. We have finalized a lake near Sarjapura Circle where around 2000 saplings can be planted. We have taken permission from BBMP and they are with us in this plantation drive. We welcome all BMC participants, outdoor enthusiasts and their friends and families to join us in improving the quality of life in Bangalore by expanding its tree cover.


Kasavanahalli Lake,

Harlur road, near Sarjapur Circle,


Reporting time: 
9:00 AM

Participation Fees: Rs.200.00 per Sapling

Above charges includes: 

1. The cost of sapling + vehicle and logistics for bringing material,

2. Maintenance and Watering for 1year after which the tree survives on it's own.

Above charges does not include: 

-Travel, Food, Anything not mentioned above.

- We can however connect you with other participants if you are interested in Carpooling.


To register for this event please send us a mail to [email protected] or call us on 9902027262




What kind of trees are going to be planted and how do we ensure high survival rates?

We want to get good results out of the plantation drives. We would do anything to make sure we get higher survival rate of the saplings we planted. To make sure this happens, we are planting healthier and strong saplings. These saplings are 7-10 feet high and have higher survival rate. Tall saplings are also out of reach from cattle and remain protected. These also require less maintenance as compared to smaller saplings.

The tree species we plant include  Indian tulip tree, Pongam Tree, Mahogany, Caribbean Trumpet Tree, Pink trumpet tree, Flame Tree, Copperpod, Banyan tree, Peepal tree, Neem tree, Singapore Cherry,  Jamun tree and the Indian Cork Tree. These species have a track record for having a high survival rate while ensuring maximum cover, CO2 absorption and other ecological services.

Moreover we organise maintenance of these trees by organising watering and maintenance events for the planted trees.

Can I plant more than one tree?

Yes you are most welcome to plant more than one tree. If interested, please mention the number of trees you are interested in planting in the form we provide to you for registration.

I wont be able to come physically for the plantation but i would like to contribute by sponsoring for the saplings. Would that be possible?

Yes you are most welcome to do so.



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