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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 23:15:45 +0530
Subject: Project Bheemeshwari Forest



During Bheemeshwari outing on 12-13-14th Aug 06. I had a small meeting with Mr. Nahar – Manager, Cauvery Fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari. I would like to discuss the minutes of meeting with ALL of you, in which we discussed following points:

1. BMC to undertake project of designing and installing sign boards in the Forest signboard pattern, which will have courtesy names of Jungle Lodges and BMC:


We have to erect boards in entire Bheemeshwari Forest Sanctuary this is not only the project we have decide to undertake but also one of the biggest responsibility in returns of utilizing the wonderful natural resource for BMC’s primary activity.


Making and installing these boards might cost something between Rs. 50,000.00 to 75,000.00 (detailed budget and accounts along with names of people who are giving donation for this cause would be shared on + we will need volunteers who can go to Bheemeshwari and supervise the installation of boards and co-ordinate with forest officials.


2. BMC to donate used cloths to Bheemeshwari Forest guards in Forest Department and Elephant Camp:


Forest Department has few tribal people working as forest guards and workers at elephant camp. BMC members will donate their unused cloths, blankets and anything which can be useful for them.


3. Forest Department and Elephant Camp employees need shelter:

We will keep this point aside; I don’t think BMC is in position to support it as of now.



Please reply back with your interest in helping us for the cause (1) or (2) and in which way you can help us.

All your doubts and questions are welcome to [email protected]


Thanks and regards,


Neeraj Malve

Bangalore Mountaineering Club

[email protected]

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