Backpacking Stuff to carry on trek: 

The list of  articles to and NOT to carry on the trek

* CONTRABAND ( Things NOT-TO carry )

>> LIQUOR or other alcoholic drinks.
>> Walkman, video game and other similar entertainment gadgets.
>> Sedative drugs.
>> A Drunken Body/Mind (Please do not consume alcohol the day before).

** Important and Mandatory ** 

1. A list of medicine to which you are allergic ( please carry this in your top pocket).
2. Contact list of person, telephone no. and address ( in case of emergency ).
3. Those wearing spectacles, please carry an extra pair in strong spectacle box.
4. People using contacts - carry a bottle of lotion, an extra pair of spectacles.
5. Emergency whistle.

* Mandatory 

1. A strong Back-Pack (preferably water proof).
2. Water bottle (enough to carry at least 2 liters of water).
3. An extra pair of socks, under garments, T-Shirt.
4. A water-proof jacket/sweater (if it begins to rain).
5. Bandanna ( keeps the sweat out of the eyes ) and/or Wide brimmed hat.
6. Toothbrush & toothpaste, towel, liquid soap.
7. Few old news papers ( may be 4 would be fine).
8. A torch with two new batteries and extra bulb.
9. Some strong adhesive tape and/or A small role of strong string.
10. A small pocket knife ( if you have a Victorinox -SWISS ARMY knife then great..).
11. One matchbox/ lighter.
12. Some tissue/toilet paper.
13. Insect repellant (ex. Odomos).
14. Basic First Aid & Medicine - 
        Anti-Dysentery Pills (Eldoper)
        Some generic pills (Crocin, Imol, etc)
        Anti Cold preparation (COLDACT).
        Band aids.
        Gauze roll & antiseptic lotion.
15. Energy Food ( Chocolate bars, Flavored milk, Electrolyte drinks - Glucon-D, etc ).
16. Garbage bag to collect any litter we may create (or other people have created).

* Optional

1. Compass & Terrain Map.
2. Camera.
3. Extra food.
4. Book and pen to keep trek-journal entries.
5. A walking staff.
6. Extra laces for your shoes.

Neeraj Malve
Bangalore, India
[email protected]