Scuba Diving at Goa [Author: Amit Rajput]


Hum to doobenge Neeraj tumko bhi le doobenge.

I guess everyone on board would understand why I wrote this. I hope by the end u'll also find that out. An Amazing trip. Well Goa is always amazing isn't it. Add to it the scuba diving adventure and u get an out of the world experience.

When the schedule was out Neeraj was looking for atleast 5 people, by the time we started we had to say no to a few bcz there was no place in the TT(thanks for arranging a very comfortable vehicle Neeraj). The Venkatesh blues never leave us in a TT. Our driver Mahesh also demanded to sleep but only for an hour not before he drove almost all night. The journey started off with a disclaimer - I am %& years old and I am married Phew! Hearts broken Never mind our dudes won't give up.

Journey to Goa was eventful. With ppl snatching Geeta's purse, N number of diversions, no tea shop for almost 150 kms, driver & RTO guys trying to fool us. Smart me  - I saved ourselves 1000 Rs and not to forget our great actor SAM. Poor guy he never knew that was the scape goat and all of us were fooling him
. Once in Goa we hogged straightaway. Dugmark was patient enough to tolerate our tatrums in Swimming pool. But the session was too good. I thot I got my money's worth then and there. Time to hit the beach. Bagha beach is just too good. We spent some 6 hours just lazying around. Playing in the sea, with the waves.

U should not go to Goa without a partner.I felt it when I was on the beach. So wat I still enjoyed a lot . We slept on the beach itself in our sleeping bags. Next morning was a big morning. We were all set for the dive. We started off pretty soon and after an hours ride we reached the island. 6 of us decided to take a 2nd dive. So they were asked to gear up first and take the 1st dive first. With the confusion of names I went ahead and had a feel of water.

Something was not right though. The first time I went in I complained of not getting enough oxygen only to find out the cylinder was not open. The second time the Oxygen meter gave me a reading of less than 150 noughts. When I complained about it, I was told its a faulty meter and I should go ahead. I refused and got a new cylinder without knowing wats coming towards me. Deep inside the meter ditched me again and that also when Neeraj and me were sharing it. I saw it going from 100 noughts to 0 in a flash. It was worse than a heart attack I panicked. Somehow got to the surface and was rescued by the instructors. In the process I tried to drown Neeraj .Never got a chance to say Thanks dude. Thanks for saving my life Neeraj

But this came after I had the time of my life and so had everyone else. An entire different world exists inside water. We found all kinds of fishes, corals, alien animals.It was more like watching a NGC underwater show Someone claims to have seen a small sea horse too The maximum depth we went was somewhere close to 11 Metres bcz the current was too strong and then there was land after 11 metres. But that was good enough for an adventure of our life. It just can't be described in words. U will have to go inside to feel it. Look for the under water pics and u will find out why am I saying that. The return journey to the shore was not at all exciting bcz all of us wanted to be inside water only

Chandresh, Mittal and Neeraj went for their certifications and rest of us headed to calingute beach. Ashitosh,I must say, is a very good player of Pool. We dint find Calingute very exciting like Bagha though. Soon after our dinner some of us slipped away to hotel rooms and rest decided to head to Agauda fort, the light house, to camp there. It was too late to wake up the light house guys so we pitched our tents on the Helipad itself hoping that when we get up we find two helicopters parked next to our TT . The next morning we took great pictures of Solar Eclipse, confusing it with a Lunar eclipse. Water sports at Calingute was another good part of this trip.

After some shopping (Mainly wine) we started off to Bangalore with some great memories of Goa. And this time it took us only 13 hours. Now I know wat it takes to organise a BMC event. I had to take care of the accounts only and it took a piece of my mind. Hats off to Team BMC for managing it all the time.Goa Scuba Diving memories will always have some place in our hearts for it was something to cherish for life.

Amit Rajput