Ooty trek [Author: Amit Rajput] 27th June 2006


"Wat??? Venkatesh again...Don't tell me."
This was my first reaction at symphony when Sanjay told me about him. Who is Venkatesh?? Oh! U donno him. Remem he is our sleepy driver from the Kodai trek. The Moment we saw him it was understood ki no way we gonna get back to b'lore before Monday Morning.And the inevitable happened.We managed to reach b'lore by Monday 9 AM only. But then with the kinda fun we had in the trek who cares....


By the time we had Brunch and bought chocolates It was almost 11AM. We thot we had permissions to start the trek but bcz of SUDDEN MIGRATORY MOVEMENTS OF ELEPHANTS we were asked either to drop our plans of trekking on saturday or get arrested.Well here's an advice--Gift the DFO's wife a Saree and get the route OPEN...Right Amit(Patil)??? It seems everytime me and Sanjay are together on a trek we loose a day but this time we made sure that we make it count. The view from the view point was AWESOME.U can check the pics from everyone in Angle 1-10. Dont get confused by the angle thing.We actually have had so many views of the same place from different places and couldn't stop ourselves from clicking.We(Read me & Sanjay Soni) were undecided between so many plans to utilise saturday.Finally we thot ok we will go down the Mountain from the view point and then will try and locate some animals in the jungle(Sorry Tarsh, Amit and Neeraj we dint tell u guys).With a torch and my digicam we slipped quietly.


Half way down the Mountain we realised it was a pretty wrong decision. One wrong step cud have had our life.But the thrill kept us going.Somehow we managed to get into the jungle.My Idea was to get all the way down and then come up crossing the Tea Estate.ThankGod Sanjay took a bold decision at the right time and we came back.The satisfaction was priceless though.More things were in store for us.A nice 2 bedroom house(one room CAPTURED by gals). Nice Bathrooms. GREAT food.Bonfire and Dumb C.I have realised one thing now. Tarsh is by far one of the greatest players of Dumb C.But then there were others too.Who cud have pulled a child out acting for Natural BORN Killers.After Dinner the walk to the view point was too good.Anand played our trick back on us by pretending dead when we sent him in the tea estate and ran away.As always I slept in the Bus again.Its not that ki there was no place but then I like sleeping there.


Started trekking next morning by 8AM after a GOOD Breakfast.Either guys at the front were too fast or people at the back were pretty slow but the difference was too hot for the two guides and Tarsh to handle.End result Tarsh lost a piece of his mind to them.Somehow everyone managed to keep in touch with each other & with Amit too who kept rueing his decision of not joining us for the trek(Why?? May be he wanted to buy some sarees)Thank god we found the water body towards the end of our trek. Heat was almost too much to handle.I was in water for almost two hours.And the pics will tell u how much fun we had there."Say Cheese Vinay."


A lil piece of advice for everyone going on this trek is BEWARE OF THE LAND MINES.And if u miss ur way just follow the Elephant Mines.One wrong step and U wud stink for the rest of the day.But then SHIT HAPPENS..Right Charu???


This was one of the BMC treks to remem for long bcz of the super tasty food we got everywhere.And not to forget during the Night Safari(Read journey back to b'lore) we spotted a porcupine, few bisons and uncountable hares.I will be coming up with my share of pics by tomorrow.To sum it all like all other treks this was another good one.Great experience....Great food....Great fun....And few Great friends made...


Amit Rajput